New programming languages

To choose a programming language is always a difficult task. In theory it is just a tool to solve a problem but in practice it is much more than that. Platforms, library support, community etc can greatly influence the time and effort to develop a product, I have tried many programming languages and in general I would say there is a clear improvement Lately. First I thought javascript would be the only language to rule them all, but after a few years dealing with extremely fast moving frameworks, excessive complexities of the language itself -think about the craziness of “this”– and a bunch of patches in the form of a thousands tools to deal with what the language was not designed for I quit.

Looking for a replacement I tried Go but it was not my cup of tea. I like many things about Go -simplicity- but I also dislike a lot, like the tediousness of some tasks, no class system etc. Rust is too complex for my liking -see c++– and I do not like Java either. There are a few newcomers that can bring hope though: kotlin and Dart:

I have always wanted a better language for general computing and I think Dart fits the sweet spot between capabilities and easiness of use. Kotlin offers the same but in another level, It is a much more rich and complex language. I will be trying both and sharing my experiences.

Anyway, maybe the point it is not about the language itself but the results: things like the graalvm virtual machine .net o wasm are the way to go. Pick the language of your choice, be Go, Rust, C#, ruby etc and let the virtual machine do the rest, support, libraries etc.

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