About e-readers devices

This text is a litle rant about e-readers. First, I would like to state the pros:

  • Not having to carry my books everywhere is very convenient, I can have my administration/programming/whatever books easily accesible in a single weightless device.
  • Battery last weeks (depends on usage)
  • Able to write notes, which is also very convenient
  • Many models to choose from

And now the cons:

  • These devices are very expensive. The average price of a e-reader is in the range of 500 euros
  • Many of them need a battery replacement after a couple of years, which I think it is unacceptable. Even worse, these devices usually are glue together so the battery is not serviceable, (basically meaning that after 2or 3 years you have to buy another one).
  • The same thing applies to all the components in the devices, if something brokes…well you get the idea.

I really like e-readers, but I am not willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for devices that only last a few years and are unserviceable. For now I will return to the cheapest pen and paper for my notes and carry my books around again.

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