GNU -less

This is an impressive cli command. It does a simple task: show a file content progressively, that is to say, one page at a time. If the file is big this utility is faster than more because it does not have to load the entire file at once, just the first page. You can acces the rest of the document page by page with its own pager system, as if it was a text reader like vim or emacs. The basic sintax is :

less "filename"

You can do a ton of things with this utility. The man documentation shows hundreds of options and posibilities. For instance:

less "filename" -p "text to start"

command will allow you to open file “filename” and start showing the content when the text “text to start” is found.

As always, check the man page for more information and options, but be aware that this utility is huge in terms of posibilities.

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